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Our Grand Rapids plumbing company has your home and business’s best interests at heart. View our complete list of plumbing services below that we offer in the Greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan areas!

Grand Rapids Mi Plumbing Services

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24/7 Emergency Service

You can call our live operators with any plumbing problem 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! McDonald Plumbing has a fully staffed service department available for your residential or commercial plumbing emergency in Greater Grand Rapids or West Michigan!

Sewer and Water Repair & Installation

McDonald Plumbing has over 60 years of experience, all our own equipment, the latest technology, and an eye for detail. We are your contractor to install or replace your sewer or water service!

Sewer Cleaning

From cable cleaning machines to high-pressure water jetting to the latest in video inspection and locating equipment, McDonald Plumbing is the expert for cleaning your sewer in Grand Rapids and the surrounding West Michigan area. We televise every sewer we clean!

Drain Cleaning

We have experience with sanitary sewers, sink drains, toilets, floor drains, laundry drains, and storm sewers. If your drain is backed up, McDonald Plumbing has the skill, tools, and equipment to get it flowing for you again!

Lead Water Service Replacement

Your old lead water service may be broken, not allowing you enough pressure or maybe even becoming a health concern. Our Grand Rapids plumbing experts can replace your lead service with minimal disruption to your yard or home!

Polybutylene Water Service Replacement (Blue Tube)

Many advancements have been made in plumbing over the last 30 years. Polybutylene (or blue tube) water piping was not one of them. Our water service replacement technicians at McDonald Plumbing can replace your broken blue tube with minimal disruption to your yard or home. Be proactive and replace your blue tube before it breaks and causes damage to your property.

Trenchless Technology

Your home and yard, as well as your company’s building, sidewalks, and driveways are all difficult and costly to replace. Our trenchless technology experts at McDonald Plumbing have been using techniques for many years to save your investment. Now, with our new “no-dig” technology, we can do even more to make the disruption to your home or building less of an inconvenience!

Video Sewer Inspection

Our experienced and courteous Grand Rapids plumbing team can pinpoint your plumbing problem without tearing into your floor, walls, yard, sidewalk, or driveway. We have the latest in video sewer technology with color inspection cameras and locating equipment for any sewer or plumbing problem that arises.

Sump Pump and Backup Pump Systems

Don’t settle for cheap sump pumps from the hardware store! McDonald Plumbing installs heavy-duty submersible sump pumps that will give you years of continuous service. A variety of backup pumps and alarms are also available to protect you during a power outage.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Is your basement wet or damp? Working with water and drains every day gives McDonald Plumbing the experience to deal with your wet basement. As licensed plumbers, we can do more than most waterproofing companies. You will get more competitive prices, as well as no gimmicks or sales tactics from our basement waterproofing team at McDonald Plumbing.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

For your larger drains and sewers, or ones that typical cable cleaning equipment will not handle, our Grand Rapids plumbers offer a great alternative—high-pressure water jetting. Jetting can also thaw your frozen sewers, drains, and roof downspouts.

Frozen Pipe Thawing

Are you experiencing frozen pipes or water lines in your home or business? When the cold weather hits and your pipes start to freeze, McDonald Plumbing will be there. We have several types of equipment to thaw your frozen sewer or water lines whether they’re inside a building or buried underground.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

Today’s water heaters are designed to operate much more efficiently and safely than ever before. The water heater installation and repair technicians at McDonald Plumbing are trained to thoroughly inspect all aspects of your water heater situation or problem. We will install a new water heater or repair your existing water heater to meet current codes and have it inspected.

Pipe Locating

Do you have an old drain line or water line that you can’t find? McDonald Plumbing has several trained technicians to help locate lines underground or in walls. Call us today if you have a plumbing problem with locating pipes.

Leak Detection

Has your water bill gone up drastically? Do you have water coming from somewhere but can’t find the source? Call our experienced Grand Rapids plumbers! We have several techniques and tools to pinpoint leaks where others can’t find them.

Backflow Preventer Installation and Testing

Ensuring the quality of your water is a big concern for everyone today. McDonald Plumbing is no different. We have trained technicians to test your existing backflow preventers and to install new ones as required by local municipalities in Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area.

Sewage and Grinder Pumps

Failure of a pump on your sewer system can leave you with a real mess. You can count on McDonald Plumbing to provide the finest quality sewage and grinder pumps available. We will also design and install new turn-key grinder systems to fit your needs.

Residential Plumbing Services

Need residential plumbing services in Grand Rapids or surrounding West Michigan areas? McDonald Plumbing has been serving West Michigan homeowners since 1955! We have experience with plumbing new homes, remodeling, and 24/7 emergency response. Our experienced residential plumbers will always be respectful and courteous when they come out to your home.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Looking for top-notch commercial plumbing services for your building or business? Our commercial plumbing team can handle your new construction, remodel, or repair quickly and effectively. McDonald Plumbing has been serving West Michigan businesses since 1955.

Emergency Plumbing Service

McDonald Plumbing has been a trusted plumbing company in Grand Rapids for over 60 years! Our plumbers offer both residential and commercial plumbing services. Please contact our Grand Rapids, MI office for help with a plumbing emergency.

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