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Case Study 1: Residential Public Sewer and Water Installation

The lot that Richard and Marlene Jones were looking at for their new home had been split off from an existing lot. It had no laterals into the property for public sewer and water. Only a Grand Rapids plumbing contractor with the right expertise and equipment could handle the job of tapping the sewer and water mains and extending them back to the new home.

The water main was on the opposite side of the street, the sewer mains were deep and in the northbound lane of traffic on a busy county road. To make matters worse, the water table is high in the area so fighting water was going to be necessary. We had a week from the time we were given the job to have it completed because of county road commission deadlines. We had a lot of coordinating that needed to be done to make it happen.

Our Grand Rapids plumbing company had to get the utilities marked, pull a street opening permit, arrange for the water main tap, arrange partial road closures, and make sure we had a crew and the equipment available.

We had a conscientious, hardworking crew start early and work late to get the job done in one day! Without our experienced Grand Rapids sewer and water contractors, the working relationship we have with our sub-contractors and municipalities, and the right equipment for the job, this would not have been possible. The job went off without a hitch!

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