Grand Rapids Plumbing

"The way Plumbing should be"

Have you had the following experience with a plumber?
  • Not returning calls.
  • Bad workmanship.
  • Not showing up when they said they would.
  • Dirty & messy jobsite.
  • The project taking longer than it should.
  • Not coming back to fix problems.

Plumbers do not have a squeaky clean image. And frankly, our industry deserves it. There are so many nightmare stories out there and regrets from homeowners on who they selected for their plumbing project.

Since we started our business in 1955 we have been focused on reversing that negative image. So what does: The way Plumbing should be mean? A statement like that does beg for an answer.

It has to do with our “4-Way Guarantee” to you:

1. On Time. 

Phone calls are Live Answered 24/7.
Your service technician arrives when they are supposed to and our service trucks are fully stocked with materials.

All of which ensures your plumbing project (or emergency!) is started and completed in a timely manner.

2. Zero Pressure.

Take a sigh of relief. We will never pressure you to make a buying decision, but will simply educate you on your plumbing options and answer all of your questions.

Our Up-Front Pricing allows you to know the price, before any work begins. What you sign for on the agreement is what you pay. There are no hidden extras to worry about.

3. We Care About You & Quality.

We are in the Service business and truly care about your family (or business), animals, property and home.

When it comes to your plumbing investment, you’ll appreciate that we don’t take shortcuts. Expect a quality job – done the right way.

4. “Stand Behind It” Warranty.

Stuff Happens! And when it does, we’ll be right there to fix it.
Our Plumbing Service comes with a full 1-Year Warranty* so you can rest confidently and comfortably (* Sewer Cleaning Warranty can vary.)

Our Underground Piping projects come with a Lifetime Warranty, which gives you total peace-of-mind that your investment is a sound one at the time of completion and years down the road.

Our 4-Way Guarantee lays out the experience you can expect when you choose McDonald Plumbing for your plumbing project.The way Plumbing should be is not just our tagline; it drives everything we do. 

We look forward to having you join our family of happy and satisfied clients!