Date of Service:
Name of your Technician:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
1. When I called in to McDonald, the the person that answered the phone was: A. Friendly and helpful.
B. Average
C. Clearly having a bad day
2. My technician was: A. On time
B. Late but I was called
C. Late and didn’t call
3. My technician explained and informed me of the service problem... A. In a helpful way
B. Didn’t really explain much
C. Was rude or mumbled something
4. Upon explanation of the problem, the technician offered me: (Check all that apply) A. Repair only option.
B. An “upgrade” option.
C. A “replacement” option.
D. A Maintenance Agreement.
E. Nothing was offered. Only an invoice and that was it.
5. The charges were explained to me A. In detail.
B. No explanation was needed.
C. Questions I had were not answered well.
6. My service problem was completed and... A. It works great.
B. It works, but a mess was left.
C. The service problem was NOT fixed.
7. Overall, my experience with the recent work call I had was... A. Just great.
B. About average.
C. Lacking in professionalism
D. So poor I’m considering changing companies
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