Qualifying Your Grand Rapids Plumber

5 Things to consider when hiring a plumbing contractor

It is not unusual for you to receive estimates on your underground plumbing project that vary in price substantially.  Often we are asked, "How can this be? We thought all of the plumbers we interviewed are of the same caliber and ability!"

At that point, it is wise to clarify whether all of the plumbing firms are equal.

Below are some guidelines our past clients have found useful in making this determination.
Qualified plumbers should not hesitate to provide the answers to these questions. The answers do not call for the plumber to divulge proprietary information.


1. Experience

Ask for three references of three projects that are very similar to yours. Contact these references and ask the following:

  • How did the final price compare to the original estimate?
  • Did the scope of the project change much once the job started?
  • Could the project have been better planned up front to minimize changes along the way?
  • Was the quality and service what you expected?

2. Scheduling

  • Did the job proceed smoothly from the start to the finish?
  • Did any problems arise during the job and if so, how were they handled?

3. Plumber Qualifications

  • How long has the plumber been in business? (Is this important to you?)
  • Are they licensed and insured?

4. Written Contract

  • Was the contract professional and complete?
  • Does it list what is included as well as what is not included?
  • What is the payment schedule?

5. Respect

  • Did you feel that the plumber cared for and/or respected your time, home and property?
  • Did you feel well informed and communicated with?

One single item will not make or break a plumber; however, by getting answers to all of the above questions, you should see a pattern develop. Are you comfortable with the pattern?